Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Gift Partners

Monopoly GO: How to Get Free Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Gift Partners

Jigsaw puzzle pieces are an important currency required to spin the wheel in the Gift Partners event. Here’s how you can get a lot of them.

Developed by Scopely, Monopoly GO is the mobile version of the beloved board game Monopoly. The game offers players lots of engaging activities as they proceed in the game, such as purchasing, selling, and constructing properties. The ultimate objective is to bankrupt all other players by acquiring valuable properties and charging rent when other players land on those tiles.

Monopoly GO regularly introduces new events to keep content fresh and entertaining. The latest partner event, Gift Partners, will run from 15th to 20th December, and like other events, it has its own mechanics and materials. Puzzle Pieces are a currency in Monopoly GO that you can use to spin the wheel in the Gift Partners event. If tycoons have used up their puzzle pieces and want to get some more for free, here’s what they need to do.

Best Ways to Get Free Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly GO

To collect puzzle pieces in Monopoly GO, you can simply land on tiles with puzzle pieces on the game’s board, complete the quick wins tasks, and participate in the game’s main events.

Collect Puzzle Pieces From the Board

The game’s board features many vibrant tiles with puzzle pieces during the event. Landing on these tiles is the easiest way to get Jigsaw puzzle pieces. Players will always see five of these tiles on the board, and as soon as they collect one, another one will appear somewhere on the board. To boost your chances of landing on one, it would be a good idea to use a high dice multiplier when you’re around six to eight tiles away from the puzzle pieces tile.

Complete Quick Wins

Monopoly GO has quick wins tasks that you can complete to earn free Jigsaw puzzle pieces. To access these tasks, click on the ‘wins’ option in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This will open the quick wins menu, where you’ll see quick wins objectives for the day. These objectives are usually very simple, such as rolling five times, landing on Community Chest one time, or collecting three stickers.

Participate in Main Events

In addition to the Partner event that runs for five days, Monopoly GO also features main events. The current main event is Winter Wonderland, and by completing all milestones, you can earn a total of 3,350 Jigsaw puzzle pieces.

As of now, Monopoly GO doesn’t offer Gift Partners links that reward puzzle pieces. We’ll update this guide as soon as the game provides free links.

Monopoly Go is now available for PC and Mobile Devices.